Let Your Skills Shine – Webinar

Welcome to participate in our international webinar on Wednesday, May 19 from 2 to 4 pm EEST. Webinar is organised as a part of virtual Taitaja2021-event. 

Main themes of the webinar and Taitaja2021-event are cooperation and teamwork skills, equality and parity, changes of the working life, continuous learning, and responsibility – social, economic and ecological sustainable development. 

The webinar will be hosted by Counsellor of Education Mika Saarinen from Finnish National Agency for Education.  

The international audience is welcome to participate also in the livestream event virtually. Parts of the competition livestream are hosted and presented in English. The program will be updated closer to the event on our website https://taitaja2021.fi/en/event-program/.


14.00Welcome and introduction to the webinarManaging Director and Principal
Jarmo Paloniemi,
Educational Consortium OSAO
14.05Greetings from Ministry of Education and CultureMinister of Education
Jussi Saramo,
Ministry of Education and Culture
14.10Finnish way of building VET skills for the future by Taitaja Skills training CEO Maria Ekroth, Skills Finland   
14.25New opportunities of the Erasmus+ and funding program Head of Sector 
Jacqueline Pacaud,
European Commission DG
Education, Youth, Sport and Culture
14.40How is Finnish VET being prepared for the future?Counsellor of Education
Hanna Autere,
Finnish National Agency for Education  
14.55Short gym break Sport Advisors Josefina Hiltunen & Janne Mäntynenä, OSAO
15.00From VET to working life – Two individual student paths from Oulu Chef
Sofia Åhman,
graduate student from Educational Consortium OSAO

Daniel Määttä, student from Luovi Vocational College
15.05The importance of considering the strengths extensively – Powerzone method (VOIMAKEHÄ®)  Senior Lecturer
Sanna Wenström, 
Oulu University of Applied Science
15.20Grasp the steering wheel! – Method of assessing the special educational needsStudent Affairs Manager
Riina Karvonen, 
Luovi Vocational College  
15.35Equality and parity in VETProject Manager
Virve Savoila, Ekvalita  
15.50Closing remarksCounsellor of Education
Mika Saarinen,
Finnish National   Agency for Education


Hanna Autere

Hanna Autere works as Counsellor of Education in the development of vocational education and training at the Finnish National Agency for Education.

Presently her specific responsibilities lie on internationalization of Finnish vocational education and training, learning outcomes approach, ECVET and European cooperation. Hanna Autere coordinates  Finnish VET providers’ networks working with countries outside of EU e.g. China, India, Japan, Canada, Russia and developing countries.  She has experience in VET reforms both in Finland and in transition countries.

Earlier she has worked at the European Training Foundation, the Finnish Ministry of Education and as vocational teacher.

Riina Karvonen

Riina Karvonen (Master of Health Care) works at the Luovi Vocational College as a student affairs manager, developing guidance and welfare services of special and intensified support.

Her strengths lie in innovative and customer-oriented approach both in development work and various encounters with students and experts.

Mika Saarinen

Mika Saarinen works as a Counsellor of Education and Head of Unit at the Finnish National Agency for Education EDUFI, the national development body of education and training in Finland. He is also the Deputy Director of the Finnish Erasmus+ National Agency.

He has over twenty years of experience with both higher education, vocational education and training and most recently also general and adult education questions. He is well versed in European Union matters, has extensive knowledge in implementing the Erasmus-programme and its predecessors and has worked throughout Europe on questions of strategic internationalisation.

Mika has a master’s degree within theoretical philosophy from the University of Helsinki, Finland and he also has done further studies in international politics and adult education.

Virve Savoila

Virve Savoila works as a project manager in the Changing gender norms in Vocational Schools project.

As a part of the project, she and her team have trained hundreds of vocational teachers and created a web-based material, Kaikkien amis – Allas yrkes, to support their equality and diversity work.

Sports Advisors Josefina and Janne

Josefina Hiltunen and Janne Mäntynenä work as sport advisors in Educational Consortium OSAO.

Their role is to support students in matters related to their well-being and ability to work. They also offer individual wellness counseling, sport trials, ergonomic guidance and, for example, gym guidance.

Take a functional break with Josefina and Janne in the beautiful surroundings of Oulu!

Sofia Åhman

Hey! I am Sofia Åhman and I graduated as a chef from Osao Myllytulli in 2017. I was able to utilize my own creativity in my studies on a practical level as well, which was awesome. During my final year of study, I did an international internship in Barcelona. This experience was eye-opening for me and made me think more about my plans for the future. This was one of the reasons why I later went back to Spain to work as a chef.

During my studies, I grew from a young girl to a chef and got the keys to working life. After graduation, I wanted to learn as much as possible and I have worked in very different places in Oulu, Helsinki and Barcelona. Competing really interests me a lot and I think different competitions are a great way to develop my own pressure tolerance and lead myself to better performances. I have won the grilling Finnish championshipI in 2018 and recently attended a professional targeted Masterchef 2020 competition, where I got a bronze. In the future, I would definitely like to compete more. 

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