P1 Logistics / Storage Services

The competition tasks of this skill category are based on the Vocational qualification in logistics. The qualification titles of the basic qualification are autonkuljettaja (driver), linja-autonkuljettaja (bus driver), yhdistelmäajoneuvonkuljettaja (articulated vehicle driver), lentoasemahuoltaja (airport attendant) and varastonhoitaja (warehouse operative).

The professional who have completed the qualification may work according to the competence area for example in transporting people or goods in a transport company, industry, at airport, in warehouses of different companies or in the public secto

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Description of the skill category

A warehouse operative shall manage basic logistics skills, such as to receive and store goods, collect and send goods, command stock accounting and manage the balance as well as use a forklift truck. S/he must know the stock economics and its impact on the company’s economy as well as basics of international physical operates. Those who have completed the qualification with competence area in storages services may work in trade, industry, traffic and at the public sector.

The competition is individual and organised during two actual competition days. A competitor shall have working clothes provided by his/her own educational institute. Use of personal assistive devices is allowed in case it have been announced in advance or defined in the rules.

Skill requirements

The competition tasks are based on the competence area in storage services of the Vocational qualification in logistics and the requirements of working life. The competition tasks and assessment criteria correlate with the requirements for the grade Good. The competition tasks can be utilised in vocational skills demonstrations.

Partners of the skill

Main event partners

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