P2 Business

The competition tasks of the skill category are based on the Vocational qualification in business. The qualification title of the basic qualification is merkonomi.

The professionals of this vocation may work for example in customer services and sales, marketing communications, visual merchandising, service design, finance, and office or library services tasks in different organisations, in an accountancy firm or in finance departments of enterprises or organisations in different sectors.

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Description of the skill category

The qualification title of the Vocational qualification in business is merkonomi. The competition tasks of the skill are planned observing the competence requirements of working life.

A professional in business is able to operate in a customer-oriented manner and serve customers. S/he has good cooperation and interaction skills in usual service channels, and s/he works as a team member in different working communities. A professional in customer service is able to search information about products and services as well as inform the customers about them.

TaitajaPLUS competition is intended for professional students with special needs.

Competition is individual.

Two competitors from the same training centre of an education institution can enrol in semifinals of this skill category. 

Skill requirements

The competition tasks and skill requirements correlate with the requirements for the grade Satisfactory in the compulsory modules of the Vocational qualification in business. The competition tasks can be utilised in vocational skills demonstrations or in parts of demonstrations. A student / competitor can in his / her own education institution apply for the recognition of skills, on the basis of the competition certificate.

Partners of the skill

Main event partners

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